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USB data card EC325 (Huawei) Driver for VISTA – Solution to connect to Net

Now You can Download Drivers for Windows Vista:
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Please Look Below for Drivers.

I have been using USB data card EC325 (Huawei) on WinXP and seems to work fine. I just upgraded to Windows Vista and installed the software from the CD provided. Software executes fine but doesn’t connect. Throws an error to check my Wireless settings.

Ans: There is a simple solution to connect to internet using EC325, as I have been doing this.
Follow these steps.
1: Start Control panel.
2: Connect to settings.
3: New Connection.
4: New Dail up connection >> Select EC 325 Modem.
5: Enter Reliance connection string to connect to, and Enter your Mobile number. For password.
6: Click Daily and you are done.
These settings are working on my laptop.
If you have any problem, just post a comment below, I will post a solution. for it.

 EC325_USB.zip           08-Dec-2007 14:15  2.2M
Gtran_Driver.zip        08-Dec-2007 14:17   44M
Huawei-EC321.zip        08-Dec-2007 14:16  8.9M
Huawei-EC325.zip        08-Dec-2007 14:16  8.9M
Huawei.zip              08-Dec-2007 14:17  8.1M
Huawei_Driver.zip       08-Dec-2007 14:17  8.8M
Huawei_EC325.zip        08-Dec-2007 14:17  8.8M
LGUSBDriver_Ver_4.7.zip 13-Dec-2007 14:01  1.2M
LG_2630_USB2Serial_D..> 08-Dec-2007 14:17  782K
LG_USB2Serial_DataCa..> 08-Dec-2007 14:17  782K
Motorola_End_User_Dr..> 08-Dec-2007 14:17  1.8M
 Nokia_Conn_Cable_Dri..> 08-Dec-2007 14:17  6.4M
 Nokia_Conn_Cable_Dri..> 08-Dec-2007 14:17  6.5M
 Nokia_PC_Suite_66_re..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19   22M
Nokia_PC_Suite_67_re..> 08-Dec-2007 14:17   14M
Nokia_PC_Suite_682_r..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19   22M
PC_Sync_RD3330.zip      08-Dec-2007 14:18  7.6M
RConnect_Kyocera_KX2..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19  5.8M
RConnect_Kyocera_KZ8..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19  5.8M
RConnect_Kyocera_ KZ..> 08-Dec-2007 14:18  5.8M
RConnect_Kyocera_ KZ..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19  5.8M
RConnect_Kyocera_SOH..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19  2.3M
RConnect_Kyocera_sli..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19  4.4M
RConnect_LG_LSP_350R..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19  2.1M
RConnect_LG_LSP_350R..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19  3.6M
RConnect_LG_LSP_350R..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19  3.6M
RConnect_LG_LSP_350R..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19  3.6M
SWICD AC55.zip          08-Dec-2007 14:21   19M
Sierra.zip              08-Dec-2007 14:20  427K
Sierra Card 555 inst..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20  427K
Sierra_driver.zip       08-Dec-2007 14:21   19M
USB_Converter_lgrd33..> 08-Dec-2007 14:21  3.2M
USER_GUIDE_VISTASUPP..> 08-Dec-2007 14:21  402K
UsbDriver.zip           08-Dec-2007 14:20  1.1M
UsbDriver_Huawei-225..> 08-Dec-2007 14:21  3.3M
UsbDriver_LG-6250.zip   08-Dec-2007 14:21  1.1M
UsbDriver_LG_RD-6330..> 08-Dec-2007 14:21  1.1M
ZTE USB Modem.zip       08-Dec-2007 14:26   85M
ZTEUserGuide.zip        08-Dec-2007 14:21  1.4M
ZTEdrivers.zip          08-Dec-2007 14:22   12M
ZteDriver.zip           08-Dec-2007 14:21  4.5M
gtran-dive.zip          08-Dec-2007 14:16   44M
nokia_conn_cable_dri..> 08-Dec-2007 14:17  6.2M
nokia_conn_cable_dri..> 08-Dec-2007 14:17  6.2M
nokia_connectivity_c..> 08-Dec-2007 14:17  631K
rconnect_gtran_gcp_4..> 08-Dec-2007 14:18  3.7M
rconnect_kyocera_713..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19  2.9M
rconnect_kyocera_713..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19  3.4M
 rconnect_lg_6230_usb..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19  1.3M
rconnect_lg_lsi_110_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19  3.6M
rconnect_lg_lsp_340e..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19  2.1M
rconnect_lg_lst_250_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19  2.1M
rconnect_lg_lst_255_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19  2.1M
rconnect_lg_lst_255_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19  3.6M
rconnect_lg_lst_260_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19  2.9M
rconnect_lg_rd_2030_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19  1.9M
rconnect_lg_rd_2030_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20  5.9M
rconnect_lg_rd_2130_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19  1.9M
rconnect_lg_rd_2130_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19  5.9M
rconnect_lg_rd_2230_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20  1.9M
rconnect_lg_rd_2230_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20  5.9M
rconnect_lg_rd_5130_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20  3.6M
rconnect_lg_rd_5340_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20  1.6M
rconnect_lg_rd_6000_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20  1.9M
rconnect_lg_rd_6000_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20  3.8M
rconnect_lg_rd_6130_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20  1.9M
rconnect_lg_rd_6130_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20  4.7M
rconnect_lg_rd_7130_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20  1.9M
rconnect_lg_rd_7130_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20  5.9M
rconnect_lg_rd_7230_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20  1.9M
rconnect_lg_rd_7230_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20  3.6M
rconnect_motorola_v_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20  2.6M
rconnect_motorola_v_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20  3.3M
rconnect_motorola_v_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20  2.0M
rconnect_nokia_usb.zip  08-Dec-2007 14:20  4.9M
rconnect_samsung_usb..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20  5.7M
usb_lgrd6500.zip        08-Dec-2007 14:21  1.1M
vsetup_reliance_fina..> 08-Dec-2007 14:21  4.6M
vsetup_reliance_fina..> 08-Dec-2007 14:21  4.0M  
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161 Responses to " USB data card EC325 (Huawei) Driver for VISTA – Solution to connect to Net "

  1. SANJAY K says:

    driver for EC325 required for windows 7 ultimate
    if u find soln please mail me to sanjaythakur_81@yahoo.co.in

  2. admin says:

    You can try to repair it in Bangalore if possible.

  3. ibindar says:

    can you guys help me to find driver for ZTE AC8720. my computer is mac snow leopard. this is my email ibindarkomang@gmail.com

  4. anjani says:

    i want to huawei ec325 software and driver so i request u please help me

  5. manab says:

    I COULD NOT datacard ec325 driver, why?

  6. Nilanjan Banerjee says:

    in windows7 when i want to connect my airtel data card suddenly its just disconnected..
    Give me a solution ..

  7. KUNAL says:

    I HAVE USB data card EC325 (Huawei) Driver CAN U HELP ME PLEASE

  8. KUNAL says:

    I HAVE USB data card EC325 (Huawei) Driver CAN U HELP ME PLEASE

  9. Abdul samad says:

    This Abdul Samad
    i got my acer laptop with software windows 7 i want to connect my relaince gsm internet through my nokia e52 mobile, i had also install nokia PC suit so can u please help me by providing me the settings for NetConnect .

    Abdul Samad

  10. chariot burton says:

    I have a acer aspire 5810tz laptop that I just upgrade from vista to windows 7. I have the huawei Ec228 data card that I use. It works fine until I updated drivers for my internal microphone and now it wont connect. I have to go and unistall the microphone driver for the internet to work. and by doing this my microphone wont work. So my question is are their updates drivers for the Huawei ec228 that work for window 7 that will allow me to update my microphone drivers and they both work.

  11. anuj says:

    i have net setter e1550(huawei) using bsnl sim but is disconnect a lot .any solution for that

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