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Airtel WiFi Wireless Router

di 524 main Airtel WiFi Wireless Router

Today I decided to go WiFi and ordered a Wireless Router to support my Desktop as well as lappy.
Just awaiting for their product to arrive decided to do some research and share it with you people.

stands for Wireless Fidelity and refers to any type of 802.11 network. Globally, Wi-fi is the most prevalent high-speed wireless technology standard used to connect PCs, laptops and handheld computers to each other and to the Internet. It is many times faster than a cable broadband and regular dial-up connection. Available exclusively for Airtel Broadband customers. Go Wi-fi and enjoy freedom from wires.

Proposed Rental terms:
Wi fi router cost
Upfront charge (Non refundable) : Rs 1000
Monthly rental : Rs 199

14 Responses to " Airtel WiFi Wireless Router "

  1. Sania says:

    they use mrotek router

  2. Nahar Nilesh Popatlal says:

    Sir Please sent me the wi-fi hight speed brod band connection in details for eg.manthly charge, Initial charge,rental charge ,speed KBps etc.

  3. admin says:

    Airtel DataCard Give’s you any time Download speed of 10-15KBps. Which is good. During Peek Hours It comes down to 1.5KBps, Same with Reliance I’m using one actually.

    Rate fluctuate based on plans.
    Reliance Netconnect 400 Night 10pm-8am Unlimited, otherwise its 60paise / minute.
    Airtel Does not have Unlimited plan 500/1GB and 900 1.5GB.

  4. Santhanam says:

    I am trying to use Airtel’s broadband data card for my new Sony Vaio Laptop (Through PCMCIA slot).

    I was told that Airtel is not ready with proper hardware to work with Windows Vista systems.

    Is it true ? Is there anybody who can guide me to install & use Airtel broadband system for Windows Vista in my laptop ?

  5. An says:

    Airtel as of now doesnt support windows Vista.
    Which VAIO model is the one you have?

  6. admin says:

    I think you can use the same solution which I have described for Reliance Data card for Windows Vista please check it out here http://techtime.co.in/broadband/reliance/usb-data-card-ec325-huawei-driver-for-vista-solution-to-connect-to-net.html

  7. sony vaio notebook ar370…

    sony vaio notebook sz440…

  8. User1 says:

    Airtel Supports Windows Vista

  9. G.Ramdas says:

    does airtel wi-ei support windows 7

  10. admin says:

    Yes Airtel WiFi Supports Win7 why?

  11. daksh says:

    do we have to pay Upfront charges everytime in airtel wifi connections?

  12. Deepa Agarwal says:

    I need a wi fi router with broadband and telephone connection for my office at 43, Bondel Road, Kolkata-19.

    Thank You,
    Deepa Agarwal

  13. my wireless router at home overheated when i used p2p heavily for 24 hours for the next 25 days :

  14. Hari says:

    The latest offer from Airtel Broadband are as follows:
    Wifi modem-Rs.1500(one time charge-refundable)
    Fixed Land line phone-Rs.400(again one time charge-refundable)
    Unlimited BB Plans starting at just Rs.649* with speeds upto 4Mbps.
    Freebies include-PC Secure worth Rs.85, Unlimited Games,Movies and other VAS,Voice call benefits of Rs.300 every month.

    There fore, it is always better to go with Airtel.
    The above details are furnished by me as per a research conducted by me and few of my friends on (13/9/11)The information given may vary depending on the timeframe.

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