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Airtel WiFi Wireless Router

Wireless Wifi Router

Today I decided to go WiFi and ordered a Wireless Router to support my Desktop as well as lappy.
Just awaiting for their product to arrive decided to do some research and share it with you people.

stands for Wireless Fidelity and refers to any type of 802.11 network. Globally, Wi-fi is the most prevalent high-speed wireless technology standard used to connect PCs, laptops and handheld computers to each other and to the Internet. It is many times faster than a cable broadband and regular dial-up connection. Available exclusively for Airtel Broadband customers. Go Wi-fi and enjoy freedom from wires.

Proposed Rental terms:
Wi fi router cost
Upfront charge (Non refundable) : Rs 1000
Monthly rental : Rs 199
Airtel WiFi Wireless Router Airtel WiFi Wireless Router Reviewed by TheWalk-in on 8:59:00 PM Rating: 5
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