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USB data card EC325 (Huawei) Driver for VISTA - Solution to connect to Net

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I have been using USB data card EC325 (Huawei) on WinXP and seems to work fine. I just upgraded to Windows Vista and installed the software from the CD provided. Software executes fine but doesn't connect. Throws an error to check my Wireless settings.

Ans: There is a simple solution to connect to internet using EC325, as I have been doing this.
Follow these steps.
1: Start Control panel.
2: Connect to settings.
3: New Connection.
4: New Dail up connection >> Select EC 325 Modem.
5: Enter Reliance connection string to connect to, and Enter your Mobile number. For password.
6: Click Daily and you are done.
These settings are working on my laptop.
If you have any problem, just post a comment below, I will post a solution. for it.           08-Dec-2007 14:15  2.2M 08-Dec-2007 14:17 44M 08-Dec-2007 14:16 8.9M 08-Dec-2007 14:16 8.9M 08-Dec-2007 14:17 8.1M 08-Dec-2007 14:17 8.8M 08-Dec-2007 14:17 8.8M 13-Dec-2007 14:01 1.2M
LG_2630_USB2Serial_D..> 08-Dec-2007 14:17 782K
LG_USB2Serial_DataCa..> 08-Dec-2007 14:17 782K
Motorola_End_User_Dr..> 08-Dec-2007 14:17 1.8M
Nokia_Conn_Cable_Dri..> 08-Dec-2007 14:17 6.4M
Nokia_Conn_Cable_Dri..> 08-Dec-2007 14:17 6.5M
Nokia_PC_Suite_66_re..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19 22M
Nokia_PC_Suite_67_re..> 08-Dec-2007 14:17 14M
Nokia_PC_Suite_682_r..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19 22M 08-Dec-2007 14:18 7.6M
RConnect_Kyocera_KX2..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19 5.8M
RConnect_Kyocera_KZ8..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19 5.8M
RConnect_Kyocera_ KZ..> 08-Dec-2007 14:18 5.8M
RConnect_Kyocera_ KZ..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19 5.8M
RConnect_Kyocera_SOH..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19 2.3M
RConnect_Kyocera_sli..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19 4.4M
RConnect_LG_LSP_350R..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19 2.1M
RConnect_LG_LSP_350R..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19 3.6M
RConnect_LG_LSP_350R..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19 3.6M
RConnect_LG_LSP_350R..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19 3.6M
SWICD 08-Dec-2007 14:21 19M 08-Dec-2007 14:20 427K
Sierra Card 555 inst..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20 427K 08-Dec-2007 14:21 19M
USB_Converter_lgrd33..> 08-Dec-2007 14:21 3.2M
USER_GUIDE_VISTASUPP..> 08-Dec-2007 14:21 402K 08-Dec-2007 14:20 1.1M
UsbDriver_Huawei-225..> 08-Dec-2007 14:21 3.3M 08-Dec-2007 14:21 1.1M
UsbDriver_LG_RD-6330..> 08-Dec-2007 14:21 1.1M
ZTE USB 08-Dec-2007 14:26 85M 08-Dec-2007 14:21 1.4M 08-Dec-2007 14:22 12M 08-Dec-2007 14:21 4.5M 08-Dec-2007 14:16 44M
nokia_conn_cable_dri..> 08-Dec-2007 14:17 6.2M
nokia_conn_cable_dri..> 08-Dec-2007 14:17 6.2M
nokia_connectivity_c..> 08-Dec-2007 14:17 631K
rconnect_gtran_gcp_4..> 08-Dec-2007 14:18 3.7M
rconnect_kyocera_713..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19 2.9M
rconnect_kyocera_713..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19 3.4M
rconnect_lg_6230_usb..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19 1.3M
rconnect_lg_lsi_110_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19 3.6M
rconnect_lg_lsp_340e..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19 2.1M
rconnect_lg_lst_250_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19 2.1M
rconnect_lg_lst_255_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19 2.1M
rconnect_lg_lst_255_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19 3.6M
rconnect_lg_lst_260_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19 2.9M
rconnect_lg_rd_2030_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19 1.9M
rconnect_lg_rd_2030_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20 5.9M
rconnect_lg_rd_2130_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19 1.9M
rconnect_lg_rd_2130_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:19 5.9M
rconnect_lg_rd_2230_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20 1.9M
rconnect_lg_rd_2230_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20 5.9M
rconnect_lg_rd_5130_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20 3.6M
rconnect_lg_rd_5340_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20 1.6M
rconnect_lg_rd_6000_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20 1.9M
rconnect_lg_rd_6000_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20 3.8M
rconnect_lg_rd_6130_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20 1.9M
rconnect_lg_rd_6130_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20 4.7M
rconnect_lg_rd_7130_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20 1.9M
rconnect_lg_rd_7130_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20 5.9M
rconnect_lg_rd_7230_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20 1.9M
rconnect_lg_rd_7230_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20 3.6M
rconnect_motorola_v_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20 2.6M
rconnect_motorola_v_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20 3.3M
rconnect_motorola_v_..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20 2.0M 08-Dec-2007 14:20 4.9M
rconnect_samsung_usb..> 08-Dec-2007 14:20 5.7M 08-Dec-2007 14:21 1.1M
vsetup_reliance_fina..> 08-Dec-2007 14:21 4.6M
vsetup_reliance_fina..> 08-Dec-2007 14:21 4.0M

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