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A phone from google

A Google PhoneFrom the buzz doing the rounds, it is heard that the much awaited Google phone will be out in two weeks. At this point we need to take this news with a pinch of salt but according to some undisclosed sources, there will be a simultaneous launch of the phone in the US and Europe.

Rumors about th Google phone have been floating around for a long time and California based Google has been saying that they have nothing to announce as yet. Some of the features that could be seen on the phone will be a modified Linux kernel and integrated GPS and GoogleMaps.

There is also a rumor that the Google phone would be sold at a loss or sold as a loss leader to increase ad-monetized content viewing.Google plans to offer a mobile Web browsing experience that more than current software with this phone.

Trade experts have predicted an early 2008 launch for the phone and at this point we expect an official announcement from Google very soon. Till then its seeing is believing.
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