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Change Windows Vista CD Key

Are You looking ahead to change your Windows Vista CD key?
In most cases We do need to change the cd key, for example, if you have purchased a laptop, with pre-Installed Vista in it, usually they key that is present in the system is different from the one that is handed over to you, this is because, while installing the windows vista operating system, they usually do so with a Single OEM Key.
And There are other reasons like you might do the same mentioned above, install Vista with on multiple systems with a Norton Ghost or any other similar applications, and now wish to change the key to its original one.
Here is a simple step that can be done easily.

Step 1: Start your Windows Vista Operating System, Logon to your account.
Step 2: Go to Control Panel, Tip: Click Start > Control Panel, in Classic Start menu settings, Click Start > Settings > Control Panel.
Step 3: Click on System ( Note: This System Link Appears in Classic View )

System Link

Step 4: Windows activation area of the View basic information about your computer window, you'll see the status of your Windows Vista activation and your Product ID number. [ Note: The Product Key is Not the Same as that of your Product ID, You can see the Activation Status Right there ]

Activation Area Link

Step 5: You should see a Change product key link. Click on this link to start the Window, that will guide you through the process of changing your Windows Vista product (CD) key.

Change Key Link

Step 6: When You Click on that You will see the following Screen, Where you can Key in your Product Key.
Click Next to continue.
Step 7: Wait on the Activating Windows... message until the progress bar is complete. Windows Vista is communicating with Microsoft to ensure that your product key is valid and to reactivate your Windows Vista installation.
Step 8: The Activation was successful message will appear after your product key has been validated and your copy of Windows Vista has been activated.
Step 9: Your Windows Vista product key has been changed!

Now You can Click Close to close this window.
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