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Nokia Sales are up

Propelled by strong sales in emerging economies, including India, world's largest mobile phone maker Nokia recorded whopping sales worth 51,058 million euros in 2007.

Sales in India shot up 36 per cent to 3,684 million euros as compared to 2,713 million euros in 2006. The country's contribution to the total sales of the company is next only to China, which accounted for 5,898 million euros.

Further, sales in India posted an 82 per cent jump as compared to 2,022 million euros in 2005.

"Our significant market share gains in Asia-Pacific were primarily driven by our strong position in the fastest growing markets, such as India.

In Asia-Pacific, we continued to benefit from our brand, broad product portfolio and extensive distribution system," Nokia said in a recent filing with the US Securities and Exchanges Commission.

Moreover, the Finnish firm posted a 24.2 per cent jump in sales last year at 51,058 million euros as against 41,121 million euros in 2006.

Meanwhile, in terms of sales, India is ahead of the United States and two European markets - Germany and Great Britain. Sales in the US were worth just 2,124 million euros in 2007.

During the same period, Germany and Great Britain had sales worth 2,641 million euros and 2,574 million euros, respectively.
Source: TOI
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