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New Low Priced PC's From eSys India

eSys Information Technologies has introduced a competitively priced PC in the Indian market. The company apparently boasts of its “high-configuration”. The new PC features AMD Athlon 3800 processor, 512MB DDR1 RAM, 160GB HDD, Combo Drive and a 17-inch CRT Monitor.

The new desktop is targeted at home users and the SOHO. eSys claims that its new PC is expected to deliver a powerful user experience at a low price.

On the occasion of the launch Vakul Bhatnagar, GM - eSys Technologies, India said, “India is one of the most vibrant markets with immense growth opportunities for eSys.”

“We are committed to live up to our reputation for providing value for money to discerning customers and are confident that the recent price-cut will not only make our PCs more affordable to the end users but also provide us with an edge over our competitors and enable us to capture a bigger market share,” Bhatnagar added.

eSys’ new PC will be available in the Indian market at 10,990 + Taxes + VAT. eSys’ new PC is an affordable and a value for money product.

eSys Fighter PC comes with:

  • AMD Sempron processor 3000+

  • K8800/939 Motherboard,

  • 512 MB DDR1 RAM

  • 40GB HDD

  • IDE CD ROM drive

  • PS/2 interface keyboard & mouse

  • 15? CRT Monitor

The system carries 1-year warranty.

Source: TechShout / PriceGuru
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