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Apple iPhone smart Sensors

The Iphone Sensors
The all in new Apple iPhone Sensors that have been added to this new 3G iPhone is really cool this makes the phone the real revolution, Apple has included a second proximity sensor to the iPhone 3G to provide more accurate face-detection. This brings the total number of sensors to three (two proximity sensors, one ambient light sensor).

Apple previously included one proximity sensor near the earpiece of the original iPhone to prevent accidental key presses when the phone was held against your face. By adding a second proximity sensor, Apple is said to have improved this face-detection functionality. As a result of this addition, case manufacturers have increased the size of the opening surrounding the earpiece of the iPhone.

Ambient light sensor.

The ambient light sensor in iPhone automatically brightens the display when you’re in sunlight or a bright room and dims it in darker places.
The Ambient Sensors

Proximity sensor.

When you lift iPhone to your ear, the proximity sensor immediately turns off the display to save power and prevent inadvertent touches.
The Proximity Sensor
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