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New Yahoo Email Domains Ymail / rocketmail

YahooYahoo Mail, the top provider of Web-based e-mail, is letting users sign up with the and domains in an attempt to attract new users and keep existing ones loyal.

The move is geared to help people find a better e-mail address, said John Kremer, vice president of Yahoo Mail. "We want users to get the exact e-mail account they want so they stay with us for life," he said.

Because "[email protected]" is likely taken by now, a lot of people must resort to unpleasant and hard-to-remember addresses such as "[email protected]" Yahoo wants to give people a new chance with a name they like.

Ymail, on the other hand, is a clear jab at Gmail. Although Yahoo Mail is the market leader with the most users (266 million worldwide in April), Google caused a major disruption when they offered nearly unlimited storage capacity. That, along with the fact that Gmail was great at killing spam and really easy to use, was enough to grab a big piece of the free e-mail market - 101 million users in April, according to the AP. Yahoo and Microsoft have, for the most part, caught up with Gmail’s storage offering - Yahoo Mail now offers unlimited storage - but Gmail is now killing them with features and great integration with other Google services.

The rocketmail name dates back to Yahoo's $92 million acquisition in 1997 of Four11, a company that offered the free RocketMail service.

"It's a great brand," Kremer said. "Those who have no memory of our service in the late 1990s indicated they like it, and those who indicated they want to be retro like it for the fact that it's associated with since the beginning."

Maybe it's retro for Yahoo, too, which is under fire from shareholders after a bruising takeover attempt by Microsoft. Probably plenty of employees enjoy thinking nostalgically about the company's dot-com glory days. But the company is trying to move forward, too, with Mail one major part of the company's Yahoo Open Strategy (YOS) strategy.

All though these two new domains make me thrill about signing up to those names which I everwanted to, yes I did signup couple of ymail ID's, but I still could not get what I was looking for, this shows that there are users who really running after these new domains, which is some what helping Yahoo. to fight Gmail, though Gmail is not the leader in the market but it is a known fact that it is growing much faster then its rivals. Hence this move by Yahoo is a step towards fighting its way back.

This looks a interesting fight that we can surely have to wait to see the result, who comes on top.....

What do you think who will come up? Ymail? or Gmail? or the Old Rocketmail.
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