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iPhone 3G is now Available Via Bharathi Airtel

Book Your iPhone from Airtel India, Yes you can start getting your iPhone now its real, The prices are same as we posted earlier for iPhone soled from Vodafone India.
Yes the prices are 31000 For a 3g 8GB Phone and 36100 for 3g 16GB. We have already spoken about the high priced iPhone for Indian Consumers, who have shown a low interest to buy at this high price since almost every one knows the international price which is 199$ for a 8GB and 299$ for a 16GB phone.

How can I book and If I already booked an iPhone via Airtel can I cancel do I really have to buy once Booked?
No you don't have to buy, there is no binding on you to buy the device even if you have booked the device.

Even though 3G is still not available in India the set is really heavily priced, we have to really wait and see how the people react to this extreme price.

Also one more important point to note is that the handset is locked by Airtel. Yes the set locked from Airtel network. Meaning it cannot be used for any other Network making it even more Expensive since the unlocked iPhone in International market is available for less then 550$.

Airtel Will be Opening 3 New Stores In Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai on the occasion of iPhone launch on midnight 22nd August 2008.

To buy an iPhone From Airtel you need to have the following documents / details..
For Existing Airtel customers : No requirements. You can walk into any Airtel Stores to buy iPhone. Please ensure
you are carrying your existing Airtel SIM card. For New Customers: You are required to provide the following
documents to buy Airtel Post Paid or Prepaid connection:

1) Proof of Identity and Address (Passport/Arms License /Driving License/Photo Identity Card having
Address/Election Commission Id Card/ Ration Card with Photo and Address of person whose photo is affixed/CGHS/ECHS Card)
2) Photograph
3) Proof of Address ( Ration Card/Water Bill not older than last 3 months/Telephone Bill of fixed line not older than
last 3 months/Electricity bill of state company not older than last 3 months/Income tax assessment order/Vehicle
Registration certificate/Registered Sale or Lease Document
It will take around 4 Hours to activate the new connection.

If you are a customer and have booked over Airtel Website, or mobile then you will get some preference over others.

Thats to know more Visit Airtel Website.
To buy Airtel and Locate the Airtel Store near you Visit Airtel Store Locator
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