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ThinkPad SL410/SL510

thinkpad SL410/510

Lenovo has refreshed its PC and laptop line-up with new Windows 7 OS. The company has launched a series of Think and Idea brands of PC which will pack the latest OS.

Targetted at business users, the 14-inch ThinkPad SL410 and 15.6-inch SL510, both pack Windows 7. Designed for small-to-medium businesses, the laptops offer higher-resolution webcams, clearer microphones, and a microphone mute button for voice and video conferencing.
thinkpad SL410/510

The ThinkPad SL Series starts of the ThinkPad model update for Lenovo with the SL410 and SL510 being released in late September early October. Our sources tell us that this is likely to be the refreshed Montevina platform which will get a considerable performance increase in the 2nd quarter of 2009 with the 3.06GHz Core 2 Duo T9900, and the 2.66GHz Core 2 Duo P8800. Quite where these will fit in to the SL Series range will be interesting to see.

We could see the ThinkPad SL410 and SL510 having a real price/performance advantage over the T Series for a few months.


Next up for the ThinkPad SL Series will be the full blown Calpella update in January when the game changing new Intel platform arrives, and the ThinkPad SL420 and ThinkPad SL520 will debut.

Calpella, Intel’s much anticipated new notebook platform will discard the existing northbridge and southbridge chipset arrangement and hand over many of the northbridge components to the CPU package. A single chipset codenamed Ibex Peak-M will manage all of the other features on the motherboard

The Calpella focuses on energy savings, enhanced performance and superior battery life, the new platform is going to delight notebook designers and hardware manufacturers. Nathan Brookwood, Principal Semiconductor  Analyst at Insight 64 comments, “If I were a hardware vendor, I’d be eagerly awaiting the Calpella. It’s a very different platform than anything they’ve done to date. When Calpella shows up, everything inside that laptop will be brand new.”

Current Intel laptops consist of a CPU and a Northbridge chip holding the memory controller and graphic chip but the Calpella platform moves the memory controller onto the CPU itself. Just like the Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550, the memory controller and CPU now benefit from a performance enhancement and better access because of the Calpella based systems. The graphic chip, however, still remains a separate component.

Calpella is set to be as much of a eye-opener for notebooks as Nehalem will be for desktops. At a later date Intel will offer an integrated graphics chip onto the die as well, providing, apart from the memory, a full system on a chip solution.

In a nutshell, Calpella should save cost, power, and show considerable performance gains, ushering in slimmer, lighter and even more powerful ThinkPad’s

Both models pack Intel Core 2 Duo processors. Among other features, the laptops come with DVD drives, six-cell batteries, multi-touch trackpad, option for 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth connectivity.

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