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Microsoft Fix It Center Beta

You can try out the new Microsoft Fix it Beta. Just download it to your machine, follow the instructions to set it up, and then it will tell you if you have any updates to run. Note: Once you run it, the system will ask you to set up an account, or you can sign in with your Windows Live ID. Also, the Fix it Center will ask you to send information about your computer.

To make support easier for issue related to PC and device to end-users, Microsoft has released a beta troubleshooting program which is called as “Microsoft Fix it Center”. The Microsoft Fix it Center has been designed to find and fix many common issues related to PC and device automatically. It able to solve the current issues and prevent new ones by proactively checking for known issues and installing updates. Besides, it helps to consolidate the many steps of diagnosing and repairing a problem into an automated tool.

Features of the Microsoft Fix it Center includes:

  • Easy to Install and Run – Easy-to-use wizards will guide you through the set-up process and help you anytime you need support.

  • Automated – With automated troubleshooters, Fix it Center helps solve issues related to PC, scans the device to diagnose and repair problems, then gives user the option to “Find and fix” or to “Find and report.

  • Preventive Care – Find and fix issues before become real problems, helps keep the PC running smoothly and automatically downloading the latest solutions.

  • Personalized for the Device – By scanning the PC and devices to detect which hardware and software are using for getting more personalized support with Fix it Center.

  • Relevant Answers and Advice – Able to provide help, solutions and articles that related to the users need by keeps track of the user devices and settings.

  • Customized Settings – Able to allow user to choose the settings and level of automation, so Fix it Center fits how the users want manage their devices.

  • Manage Multiple Devices – Able to allow users to view multiple devices from one view and manage them remotely.

  • Recordkeeping – Able to record all the updates and repairs that are made on each device with the continuous report in Fix it Center.

  • Microsoft has been offering one-click Fix In solution through online support site for a while, and the Fix It Center is the app to bring the solutions readily available offline, though it works a bit differently with more features. Fix It Center is intended to make Windows easier than ever to support, through a set of tools to resolve the current problems automatically and prevent new problems from occurring by corrected issue once found before developing into real problems, with latest solutions automatically downloaded.

The Trail For Fixit is over for users on Windows 7 how ever if you are running Windows Vista or Windows XP you can still download and use Microsoft Fixit at Microsoft Fixit Center.
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