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HTC 7 Mozart Technical Specifications and Price in India

HTC launched Windows-based smartphone-- 7 Mozart-- for Rs 26,490.
The  Windows Phone 7 handsets includes the most affordable HTC 7 Trophy, the HTC HD7 at the top end, and sandwiched in between the two is the HTC 7 Mozart, the smallest screened handset (by 0.1 inch). It is however equipped with the best camera of the bunch, with an 8MP sensor and a xenon flash on-board.

The new HTC 7 Mozart will be available at an operating price of Rs 26,490 in all authorised HTC resellers across the country, the company said in a statement.

The HTC 7 Mozart comes with an exclusive offer for Tata DoCoMo users in India, wherein the subscribers will get special data offer on the handset.
Like on the HTC HD7, the display is excellent, albeit smaller, and the animations between each tile / screen is incredibly smooth, largely down to the 1GHz processor. The touch screen is also lovely to use, responding to every swipe. Although the Sense UI isn't implemented as the homescreen, widgets for its weather, stocks and shares, etc applications all have their own tile you can place on the Windows Phone 7 home screen.

Ergonomically speaking, the HTC 7 Mozart is the best. That is not to say we disliked the other handsets to hold, but the Mozart’s casing and screen gives it the edge. It also feels the most sturdy and robust, but not at the expense of being weighty – 130g can hardly be called ‘fat’.
The HTC 7 Mozart is powered by Microsoft Windows Phone 7 platform.

"The HTC 7 Mozart is a great piece of craftsmanship with some of the most-advanced features and perfectly underlines HTC's focus on raising the bar in mobile phone innovation and design," HTC India Country Head Ajay Sharma said.

The HTC 7 Mozart is the most daring in terms of design of the three HTC Windows Phone 7 handsets. With a matte finish, asymmetrical battery cover and a raised swirl pattern on the reverse, it might not be to everyone's taste. It does however have a very appealing fascia, with a grill up top taken straight from the HTC Desire HD and an ergonomic curvature that makes holding it a pleasure.

Well, the HTC 7 Mozart has a focus on high fidelity audio, and as such it offers virtual surround-sound in the form of SRS WOW HD. This audio enhancement makes the sound seem wider, even when wearing headphones, provides more realistic bass and clearer definition to the sound you hear.

The HTC 7 Mozart is also a little smaller than the HTC 7 Trophy and HTC HD7, but offers a better camera (eight megapixels to the others' five megapixels).

The rest of the specifications are almost identical to that of the other HTC devices. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, 8GB of storage, microUSB 2.0, 3.5mm jack and 720p HD recording can be enjoyed. This means that no matter which HTC device you go for from the Windows Phone 7-powered range, they will all be relatively similar in terms of performance.

The Super LCD screen measures in at 3.7 inches and has a resolution of 480x800 pixels. Of the launch line of HTC Windows Phone 7 handsets, it has the smallest screen, but also the sharpest. It really looks great, with vibrant colours, fantastic viewing angles and is responsive to the touch. There isn't much in it between this and the Trophy, though both appear to have more punch tha? the HD7 despite the smaller size. Outdoor viewing is on the whole good as are brightness and contrast.

This smartphone is now available in India, and is priced at about 26,490 .
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