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Full Fledged Airtel 3g In Bangalore

Airtel earlier announced its launch of 3G services in Bangalore, Chennai but the signal was not up, it was only midnight 2nd feb 2011, that signal started flashing up with 3G signal and from 2nd Feb 2011 morning Airtel has now marketing its 3G Network with sms's to its subscribers.

How ever the sms which I got from Airtel for 3G data usage without a plan is horrible 30p/20kb, now imagine paying money surf? the cost of surfing internet will overtake our house bill, huh?

Any way they have spent lot of money acquiring 3g license hence they are expected to earn back the same fro public, in this high competition and MNP ear lets wait and see how long the prices stay on the higher side.

Airtel Also has now expanded its 3g Experience zones...

The airtel team at the 3G experience zone will also help customers in explaining the tariff plans which are available as per the usage.

Airtel has commercially launched its 3G services in Chennai, Bengaluru and Coimbatore, to enable consumers to access and know more about 3G services, the company has set up experience Airtel 3G zones in Chennai and Bengaluru.

In 3G experience zone customers can make 3G video call on Airtel network and also check the amazing experience of 3G with other addons. The 3G experience zones would provide hands-on experience for customers on 3G services.

Airtel’s 3G service promises to be a one step ahead with the features they have in their offering. Airtel states Now get online anywhere in the blink of an eye. No more buffering, no more waiting for pages to load. And discover the new possibilities with 3G.
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