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Aircel 3g Tariffs

Aircel recently launched its 3g services in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Srinagar, Cochi, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Guwahati, Patna, 3G On Aircel not only do you enjoy the benefits of superior mobile technology, you also benefit from a range of Aircel services which you can tailor to your tastes.

With a range of Value Added Services on the way, Aircel 3G is will only get better.

It’s easy to upgrade to Aircel 3G: Don’t miss out on the Aircel 3G experience! Upgrade to Aircel 3G soon, on your current 2G SIM. Call us at 121 to learn more about the FREE benefits on upgrading to Aircel 3G.

Voice and SMS service charges on Aircel 3G network are same as that on its 2G network .That is the SMS and call charges are same in 3G and 2G network .Also these two services has no impact or change (speed/quality) due to the 3G network

Aircel 3G Tariff Plans – Mobile Data Plans

Recharge (Rs.)Free Data LimitValidity

Speed (Up to )Available On
78MB13.6 MbpsPrepaid
2225MB33.6 MbpsPrepaid
92100MB303.6 MbpsPrepaid+Postpaid
202250MB303.6 MbpsPrepaid+Postpaid
6021GB303.6 MbpsPrepaid+Postpaid
6752.5GB307.2 MbpsPrepaid+Postpaid

Aircel 3G Plans – Voice + Data

Recharge (Rs.)Free Data LimitVoice






Speed (Up to )Available On
13275MB5050100303.6 MbpsPrepaid+Postpaid
252150MB100100250303.6 MbpsPrepaid+Postpaid
502350MB200200400303.6 MbpsPrepaid+Postpaid
8021GB250250500303.6 MbpsPrepaid+Postpaid
15023GB5005001000307.2 MbpsPrepaid+Postpaid

The chargeable services in Aircel 3G are : Video calling and data transfer .

Aircel 3G Video calling charges : 5 paisa per second or Rs.3 per minute

Monthly Rental – Free Data Usage (With in-built Voice and SMS service)

  • Rs.132.00 – 75MB

  • Rs.252.00 – 150MB

  • Rs.502.00 – 350MB

  • Rs.802.00 – 1024MB

The Data only Aircel 3G Plan is 100MB for Rs.92/month .

The Aircel 3G  base data rate  is 3 paise/10KB .This is the cheapest data rate among all the private operator as others have 10 paise per 10KB as base data rate . The public sector telecom operators still have the cheapest rates with BSNL charging 2p/10KB and MTNL charging 1p/10KB.

How to activate Aircel 3G service on your 3G mobile : SMS TRY 3G to 121 and enjoy a host of exciting Aircel 3G services.
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