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Twitter Intgration with Google Maps 5.2 for Android

Google updated its Maps application for Android smartphones with two new features. Users can now Tweet reviews from the restaurant that they are checked-in to, and they can also now ping friends to ask them exactly where they are. Here's how the features work.

Say you check-in at Pizza Hut and decide you're really digging the deep dish pepperoni pizza you just ordered. Simply pull up Google Maps, open Places, and write a review. At the end of your rating, there's a new option to "Post review to Twitter," along with a comment.

The New Google Maps version 5.2 for Android Smartphones enables  Share Check-in with your friends connected with Latitude and also share or publish your position in your Google profile as well as Twitter. It also integrated with the a variety of locations corresponding roughly to where you were located and whats nearby you.
When you rate and review places like restaurants or cafes from Google Places, you can share valuable recommendations with your Hotpot friends and across Google’s products – in search results, on, and on Place pages. But we wanted you to be able to share your recommendations even more broadly. So today, you can start sharing your ratings and reviews with your followers on Twitter directly from your Android-powered device.
The improved Google Maps for Android feature ‘pings’ for Latitude, Hotpot Tweets and enhanced search results.

Previously, Google Maps for Mobile, location enabled sharing recommendations with Hotpot friends or connected network only. With the V5.2. one can post their ratings and reviews of places like shops, cafes and restaurants directly to their Twitter accounts from their Android-powered smartphone. This can be done by simply choosing the ‘Post review to Twitter’ option from the rating widget.

The new ping feature allows you to see nearby Latitude friends and then "ping them." When they receive your ping request, they'll be asked to check-in at a nearby place, so that you can quickly find them. If your friend does decide to check in, you'll get a notification telling you where to meet them.

The features are part of Google Maps 5.2, which is available for free in the Android Market now. It works on Android phones running 1.6+ or newer. In order to use Ping, all of your friends will need to be upgraded to the latest version.
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