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Android 4.0 - Ice Cream Sandwich is Now officialy Out

Google Inc, Unveiled a New Android Operating system at ICS Event in Hong kong, the New Android Version has many new features and optimization done to speed it up

This Update offers New design to the User interface with new dark skin, and a better Integration with the User and System.

Android 4.0 comes with a feature called Android Beam which is for supporting NFC, which is going to be the new future technology that many smartphones going to adopt.
Here are some of the New Ice Cream Sandwich features:

  • Now There pinch to Zoom Functionality extended to Calendar.

  • Search Emails offline in Gmail app.

  • Now Folders can be very easily created.

  • Very easy to customize the launcher.

  • A New Face Unlock - Face recognition software.

  • Voice Integration

  • Copy Paste methods are Improved.

  • Gmail conversations can be swiped left or right.

  • The New Visual voice mail app.

  • Options to use new Touch buttons in the User Interface, Instead of hardware capactive buttons.

  • Apps can be accessed directly from locked screen.

  • Error correction in keyboard is improved.

  • The Much awaited Tabbed browsing with inbuilt browser now functional.

  • Browser now Automatically syncs bookmarks from Chrome.

  • New Updated gallery layout.

There are many more features are variable in Android 4.0, which we will publish as we get to know about the new Android Operating system.
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