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Aakash Tablet

The Indian Government Dream Tablet, the Tab for every one at a lower price is out, we will analyze the features and its benefits and limitations.

Aakash Tablet is the cheapest Tablet which is available for Just Rupees Rs.2500, which now can be booked at, thee are 30,000 tablets available initially for booking but it looks like all these tablets are sold and the website is down with 503 error code service not available.

The 7" Aakash comes with Android 2.2, Powered by 366MHz Processor. The Upgraded version of Aakash Ubislate 7 is a 700Mhz Powered Processor Tablet with 512MB of RAM, The Tablet maker Datawind has said that in just 7 days of pre-booking they have managed have 400,000 Pre-sale orders from individuals and Corporates, this huge booking surely makes this TAB a success venture for Datawind, the Government for now will buy 10,000 Tablets the remaining 90,000 tablets will be purchased for distributing in schools and colleges, this has resulted in interests from other nations to buy Aakash Tablet, truly Aaksh is now in Aakash...

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