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Jelly Bean/ Android 4.1 released by Google

Google on last Wednesday announced the next version of its mobile operating system called the Jelly Bean or Android 4.1
Jelly bean is not a major update over Ice cream sandwich, but has significant improvements over ICS/Android 4.0, it includes performance improvements, the all New Google Voice Search, which now can also be used offline, Offline Google maps can now be downloaded for a entire city/ a specific area on the map which is one step closer to having full offline maps.

One of the most talked about feature of Jelly Bean is the Project Android butter, which is meant for enhancing the touch responsiveness and making the full android experience smoother and you can say buttery.

Jelly Bean has a major Google Voice Update, which now is much much more better and improved with quicker results being displayed on the screen, many have already compared this to Siri and have found out that Google Voice is much faster, quicker, relevant, and better presentation.

New Feature of Jelly bean is that photos can easily be shared by just taping two phones together using NFC (called Near field communication).

We will look forward to learn more about Jelly bean as the days progress and more and more devices start updating their mobiles with JB (Jelly Bean / Android 4.0)
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