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No ICS for HTC Desire HD

HTC Desire HD Owners will be disappointed to know the news that their once HTC flagship smartphone won't be getting Ice Cream sandwich update ie Android 4.0, it is a confirmed news now. The device which has 1GB of RAM and same cpu that is in One S still cannot run ICS with HTC sense. It is a sad news and really the end of HTC DHD.

HTC released note "Poor performance of Ice Cream sandwich on the phone with Sense is the main reason for cancelling the update."

"After extensive testing, we have determined that the current version of HTC Sense with Android provides customers with the best experience on the HTC Desire HD. When we consider new versions of software."

IF HTC has failed to provide Ice Cream sandwich update to its last years Flag ship device, don't be SAD, head over to XDA forums and you can find DHD with lot of ICS custom ROMS to install and enjoy the ICS experience, whats more there is a development of Jelley Bean for DHD, no need to be sad about HTC not releasing the update.
No ICS for HTC Desire HD No ICS for HTC Desire HD Reviewed by Imran Baig on 2:14:00 PM Rating: 5
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