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Samsung galaxy s3 Gets 4.2.1 Update

A New Update for Samsung galaxy s3 has surfaced, this is the latest Jelley Bean update 4.2.1, making it the first of 4.2 update that is released for Samsung S3.

The Firmware has change-list 171637 - 19.02.2013,  with Version: XXUFMB3, this update is one of the big updates for Galaxy s3 smartphone before the release of Samsung galaxy S4, it is to be remembered that it is a fairly new update of JB 4.2, hence it is advised caution for new users who are updating their phones to XXUFMB3.

The Firmware can be downloaded from:

Happy Flashing, do let us know if you find any improvements in Battery and performance.

Samsung galaxy s3 Gets 4.2.1 Update Samsung galaxy s3 Gets 4.2.1 Update Reviewed by Imran Baig on 1:14:00 PM Rating: 5
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