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How to Access Recovery Mode on Android Phones

How Can I access recovery mode on my Android Smartphone (Irrespective of the make/company)
Usually recovery mode is accessed by pressing the Power button and Volume down butting simultaneously, but many users who may find this method a bit trick and difficult to execute can follow this simple method to access recovery mode.

You need a desktop / Laptop computer with ADB files (In this tutorial I will be discussing accessing recovery mode via Windows O.S)

1-You need adb (to connect and run and commands) and install adb drivers for your phone ([ Generic Universal samsung usb drivers will work]) Alternatively you can download Android Development KIT.
2. If you have downloaded the below given adb files, then extract the files to your favorite folder say D drive and adb folder 3. Once you have the files extracted in D:\adb go to start menu then search for cmd
4. Change Directory/Drive to
cd D:\adb then Hit Enter
5. Now that you are in D:/adb folder Type
adb devices 

This will out/show you the list of devices that are connected with device ID.
6. If you see nothing that means the device is not properly connected check the cable and attach it properly if all the connections are proper and still you are having the problem then make sure you have installed PROPER drivers for your mobile phone.

7. If you get the device connected with its ID then you can type the following command to Enter into Recover Mode.

D:\adb> adb reboot recovery

The above picture demonstrate what exactly I meant by rebooting to recovery.
Have a happy rom flashing....
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