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IRCTC Doubles up tatkal booking capacity

IRCTC doubles tatka reservations

IRCTC has doubled the bookings capacity which makes it easier for booking tatkal tickets, Booking a emergency ticket via tatkal should now be a little easier with addition of two high-capacity servers to double up peak-time efficiency.

Servers have been operation since night of 1st of June 2015, IRCTC said in a statement, which rises the capacity of the booking to over 14000 tickets per minute from the existing 7200. The IRCTC Chairman and Managing Director Dr A K Manocha said the augmentation has been done as an immediate step to cate to summer-time demand for tatkal tickets.

These two new server additions are already showing some good positive results, this is something much needed for the end users as the IRCTC accounts for 54% of total ticket bookings in the country, Tatkal reservations on all Indian trains totals about 400,000 tickets and are considered the most difficult to book due to its demand and time limit.

Tatkal tickets via IRCTC portal amounts to average daily sale 5.5lak to 6 lakh and in any busiest day with 3 Crore registered users looking for their reservation!

Looking for the Tatkal Reservation is the IRCTC Website to Book your ticket:

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